Hi, it’s me, Midnight!  Welcome to my blog! As many of you already know, I am a fitness freak of the night. I’m constantly up until the wee hours of the morning, get my work done and exercising until the sun comes up. I like to say that I burned the midnight oil. One of my favorite activities is to go for a run around 2 AM. It’s so quiet and peaceful, and there’s not a lot of traffic out the sites the night owls and meet, letting loose my Midnight Howl.  I do carry my diving knife for protection, of course.

midnight fitnessFitness, exercise, and health are a large part of my life. I take pride in my body and in my machine that will carry me until the end of my days. So I want to take good care of it. It is my temple.  I promise not to subject myself to substance abuse. So I work out every day and I made sure that I get in at least an hour of cardiovascular fitness four times a week. I don’t do heavy lifting but I make sure my muscles get used. If I’m not lifting the stretching and doing yoga.

I don’t put bad substances into my body. By this I mean sugars, caffeine, too many artificial ingredients, and especially no illegal substances. I actually have my certification as a substance abuse counselor.  You have to be careful of what goes into your body and what comes out.

I take a variety of multivitamins and supplements as well. Some very interested in is whey protein powder. A friend of mine built an interesting website about it since we are all curious about this topic. You can check that out here. She’s got some other sites as well.

One of my favorite websites for bodybuilding actually is http://www.bodybuilding.com . I got that comes as a surprise. It had a ton of amazing information on it, including tutorials on how to perform certain exercises, and great workout plans. I’m one of those low weight and high repetition people.

moon exerciseI’ve not always been into fitness. I’m in my late 20s and just now becoming obsessed with the topic. When I was in high school I didn’t play any sports, but I was in the marching band which was good exercise, minus the excessive sweating. I wish I had paid more attention back then, because I would be way ahead of the game now. I want to get involved in cross-fit and eventually go compete in the cross-fit competitions. I would also like to be a figure performer.  Interesting tidbit, maybe I like to run so much because I still don’t have a driver’s license!  I’m saving for those driving lessons Chelmsford offers before I take my test.  Maybe I’m just scared!  I might even go to the next town and take some Loncoln driving lessons.

But what this website is about is my love of fitness. I plan on sharing cool websites I come across on the Internet, and talking about whatever happens to be exciting at the moment in the world of exercise. Sometimes I tend to jump from one topic to the other but that’s just how I am. I get excited and explore all kinds of possibilities. That will probably be reflected in my posts here on the blog. I hope you’ll stick around and keep reading. Check back frequently as I’m going to be posting a lot. Thanks and hope to see you again.